Prince William (36) is said to have cheated Duchess Kate (37). The want to know the “Intouch” by Palace insiders. The affair should not have had the Prince, however, with some, but with Rose Hanbury (35), one of Kate’s closest colleagues.

The pretty – now former – girlfriend Kate is in a relationship with the noble film-maker David rocksavage (58). Prince William and Kate were both friends with the Couple who lived only six kilometres away from each other. Nevertheless, the Prince should have embarked on an alleged affair with Rose. Then Kate should have her husband – to-speech- the the Affairs to dispute charges, however according to the source of the “Intouch” and with a Laugh, have dismissed.

“Terrible rift” between Kate and Rose

The rumors would explain reports that Kate and Rose will be fell apart in a nasty argument. So far, not more, however, was not only known, that Rose is in the closest circle of friends of the Duchess – but why. A Palace Insider said at the time the “Sun”: “It is known that between Kate and Rose a terrible quarrel took place. They were friends very well, but that is no longer the case.”

Whether or not the secret love rumors is true, is not confirmed. However, in the British press, the myth has persisted. A Tweet, according to the “image” of the British star and journalist Giles Coren (49) should have read: “Yes, it is an affair. Everything I’ve read, but I know of the affair. Everyone knows of the affair, Darling.” The Tweet was however deleted. (euc)