the review stated that the project is not taken into account the comments and suggestions of the Ministry of transport agreed with the FSB of Russia. Although these comments remain valid.

in addition, the provisions of the bill requiring the mandatory installation of tachographs, taximeters and cash registers in passenger cars, taxis impose significant additional costs. And given the current socio-economic situation caused by the spread of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), this is not consistent with the measures aimed at maintaining the state of the transport industry as a small business.

In General, the project needs to be expanded.

As told “RG” the head of the competence Center of international Eurasian forum taxi Stanislav Shvagerus if projects of laws on taxi throw all that impossible to cram in the law, you get the current 69th taxi law. Incidentally, he is not so bad. Just regional authorities do not implement their authority. Now Moscow oblast started to do this. Issued a decree under which all aggregators will send data about the taxi drivers. But why is it spread all over Russia? Why the suburbs the data about the taxi drivers in Yakutia? All this should be regulated in the framework of the subject. The law should be the requirements to the car, to the driver and who is in control. And everything else needs to set the power of the actors. In the UK, for example, 200 counties, each with their own requirements for a taxi.