Holds Chayka 176 people. Its length is 58.8 m, width – 10,8 meters. The salon is equipped with modern systems of air conditioning and heating, there is a “Audio guide” in five languages and a panoramic view. Chayka can pass under low bridges, including under the Kirov dam in Kazan. The ship is designed for excursions and short trips on inland waterways of the country.

But the engines run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), which, according to developers, will reduce fuel costs by 30 percent. For the use of liquefied gas as fuel on the ship is equipped with two cryogenic tanks with a volume of 6.7 cubic meters each.

Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexei Pesoshin noted that the Republic became one of the first regions, where, together with “Gazprom” is working systematically to increase the use of natural gas as a fuel for different types of transport.

– For river vessels such fuel is the best environmental characteristics, and thus it will reduce the cost of passenger transportation”, – he noted.

According to General Director of JSC “Zelenodolsky plant them. A. M. Gorky” Alexander Karpov, the plans of the government of Tatarstan is to release at least twenty such courts. In his opinion, the project is very successful and up to date.

However, the use of such courts is holding back infrastructure – not enough gazonapolnennykh stations. Now for the filling will be used cryogenic mobile avtogazservis, designed to carry 16 tons of fuel.

the Ship will be in service for the implementation of excursion trips on the route “Kazan – Sviyazhsk”.

it is Noteworthy that the first captain of the “Seagull” appointed ex-captain “Arabella” Roman Lisalin. It was his ship in 2011, came to the aid of drowning people with “bulgarii”. Then it was possible to rescue 79 persons.