Charlize Theron children: Jackson and Augusta.

recently, the paparazzi again caught 44-year-old Charlize Theron together with their children: eight-year-old Jackson and five-year Augusta. After a long isolation star increasingly began to appear in public, while it strictly adheres to security measures and teaches this to their children.

the Actress filmed about healthy cafes in Los Angeles, Earth Bar, where she went with a glass in his hands.

a Rare case when the star family was dressed in one style and one color. The eldest child, Charlize, Jackson chose the sweatshirt with the speaker labeled “Woman” — the star calls Jackson’s daughter, as he in three years, said that he was a girl. Theron their children he supports and allows them to Express themselves through clothing.

the star her fans soon finally can contemplate on the screen — is scheduled for tomorrow the premiere of the film “Immortal guard” in which Theron starred in the title role. But expect to see it in the prequel of the movie “Mad Max: fury Road” viewers are in for a disappointment — the picture of star will not appear, as the film’s Director George Miller decided to invite for this role a young actress.