A 38-year-old narkopåvirket fllugtbillist tried on Sunday to run a cop down. It is apparent from the charge, on Monday was read in dommervagten, where the 38-year-old was remanded in 14 days.

Why the man tried to escape from the police, is not apparent from the charge, but the escape ended in Valbyparken, where he was arrested during the great drama.

Iflølge the charge tried although to stop the car, but flugtbillisten responded by trying to run the officer down.

Therefore drew the constable his duty gun and made a shot. It got billisten to stop, after which he was arrested.

The 38-year-old is charged with narkokørsel, violence against an official, and to bring the lives of others in danger. He is also charged with driving without a license.

Neither the officer or the arrested person was hurt by the arrest.

“the Investigation into the case is ongoing, and we therefore have no further comments to it. The incident is submitted to The Independent Politiklagemyndighed, who has assessed that it does not go into the matter,” writes politikredsen in an email to B. T.

The Independent Politiklagemyndighed indicate that they will not investigate skudafgivelsen, because no one was hurt and there is no basis to suspect the cop to illegal skudafgivelse.

the Case is just the latest in a series of boring cases on vanvidsbillisme. In July 2019 lost a cop’s life, when four cars collided on Langebro. A 25-year-old billist fled from the spot, and it is the police view that he had previously had run vanvidskørsel through the streets of Copenhagen.

In his new year’s speech announced by the Prime minister that the government in 2020 will increase the penalty for vanvidskørsel.

In February launched the Justice minister, Morten Bødskov, as a response to the nine austerity measures in the area. The proposal contains among other things, higher penalties, faster withdrawal of the driving licence and the ability to seize cars that have been used to vanvidskørsel.