Chapter UF Nurmagomedov will fight in the fall of 2020

This statement white made after it was announced the tournament UFC 249 in Florida on may 9. There we’ll meet each other, Ferguson and Haiti.

“Habib Nurmagomedov will hold the next match in September or October. Ferguson and Geydzhi show one of the most brutal battles you have ever seen, I can guarantee it. The match will be incredible. The winner will clash with Habib for the title,” said white.

Earlier, the Russian was supposed to meet with Ferguson on April 18 in new York, however, the tournament was postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus, and then the champion was forced to announce the cancellation of the fight with Ferguson. In the end, the Americans will meet with his compatriot Haiti and at stake in their fight will be the WBC interim champion.

who Won the League title in the fall of 2018 Nurmagomedov, meanwhile, has made a prediction for the fight on may 9. As reported by his Manager, Ali Abdelaziz, the Russian is confident that in the main event of UFC wins Haiti 249.

“Habib is confident that his next opponent will be Haiti,” said ESPN Manager of a Russian citizen. – He believes that Justin will be able to knock out Tony. When I asked him who, in his opinion, will win, he replied, it will be a difficult fight for Justin, but stylistically Tony for his perfect opponent. Habib believes that Haiti finish ahead of Ferguson in the second or third round.”