Chapter Sputnik Estonia: the actions of the Tallinn - pure censorship against journalists

the head of the Sputnik Estonia Elena Cheryshev commented on the actions of the Estonian authorities against journalists, noting that they are pure censorship. This statement Cheryshev made during a debate on press freedom in Paris.

the Evening of 29 January in the French capital held a debate that was organized by the Association “Franco-Russian dialogue”. The discussion was attended by Executive Director MIA “Russia today” Kirill Vyshinsky, head of the Sputnik Estonia Elena Cheryshev, a journalist with Sud Radio Andre of berkoff, the reporter and Deputy Director of Paris Match magazine Regis Le Somme.

Previously the police and border guard Board of the country threatened the staff portal Sputnik Estonia excitation against them criminal cases, if until January 1, 2020, they won’t stop labour relations with the parent organization. These actions were justified by the sanctions imposed on 17 March 2014 the European Union against a number of legal entities and individuals due to events in Ukraine. But EU sanctions introduced against MIA “Russia today” (it includes Sputnik), but against Director General of the Agency Dmitry Kiselev.

As noted by Elena Cheryshev during the debate, the actions of the police and the official of Tallinn is pure censorship against journalists working in Sputnik Estonia. “Although censorship is forbidden in our country”, — said Cheryshev and added that basically all the employees of Sputnik Estonia – Estonian citizens. And the police of the country “ridicule private citizens” and are ready to put them in jail just because they work in the Russian media.

on 28 January in Strasbourg Vyshinsky and Cheryshev met with the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights, Dunja Mijatovic, to discuss the situation in Estonia, RIA Novosti reported. According to Seryshevo, the Commissioner is incomplete information on the situation with Sputnik.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation around Sputnik Estonia, said that the Russian authorities will do everything to support Sputnik when working in other countries. According to a senior source in Moscow, to the actions of the authorities of Estonia have the respect of the curators from the UK. This will be taken into consideration for adoption in the near future symmetric measures against the British media in Russia.

international organization “reporters without borders” in response to the letter of the MIA “Russia today” reported: organization is investigating the situation with the Russian-language media in Estonia. The leadership of the MIA “Russia today” requests to revise discriminatory policies against the Agency Sputnik Estonia, and to take measures to ensure the rights of journalists to perform their professional duties.