the Whole out 9,700 people are confirmed infected with the coronavirus in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain.

This means that there are extremely much pressure on the various hospitals in the Spanish capital – and the difficulty they have to follow.

The Spanish media Larazon writes that the Hospital Severo Ochoa collapsed under the pressure Thursday.

this is Why some patients are placed on the floor, while waiting, there will be a bed available for them.

A bed will be only available, if patiententen in bed being declared healthy enough to go home or depart at death.

the Media adding that a patient chose to leave the hospital, when the person found out that they were placed on the floor.

the Patient chose instead to take to the bank to withdraw money, so the person could get help in a private hospital.

Some of the patients have been sitting in the waiting room throughout the three days.

the prime minister in Spain, Pedro Sanchez, has stated that he wants to extend the curfew in the country.

It will mean that people are not allowed to leave their homes unless it is strictly necessary until 11. april.

Mette Frederiksen extended conditions in Denmark up to 13. april. This means, among other things, that the schools are closed, while we are allowed to gather 10 people.

worldwide, over 98,000, the been raskemeldte again after having been infected with the dreaded virus.