the attitude of The SP to the EU framework agreement have brought the barrel to Overflow, explained alt national councillor Chantal Galladé (46). It leaves, therefore, the SP and the green liberals.

An Argument that makes shaking at SP-national councillor Mattea Meyer (30, ZH) of the head: “I am therefore irritated, as I felt Galladé in the Federal government in Bern in the European political debate a little. It has not introduced in this issue is great.”

SP-national councillor for Min Li Marti (44, ZH) holds Galladés Europe political Argument for advanced. “The Zurich-based SP is set to Yes quite Europe-friendly. Also in the framework agreement, there is no categorical ‘no’.”

SP in Europe political balancing act

Whether advanced or not: Galladé, in the SP a sore point. In the debate on the EU framework agreement, the SP from the trade Union wing has set the pace. After the FDP had been thinking Minister Ignazio Cassis (57) last summer, according to a loosening of the so-called Eight-day rule, responded to the former Union boss Paul Rechsteiner (66) upset and refused to allow the Federal Council to the former Minister of economic Affairs Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) – the conversation.

The SP-a top party chief Christian Levrat (48) turned demonstratively behind the unions. Thus, the SP came to pass that in the Europe of political trouble. On the one hand, it strives for a closer connection to the EU – up to EU accession. On the other hand, it rejects the required by the EU and in the framework agreement stipulated the easing of accompanying measures vehemently.

Galladés party positive Input “

exit the” many Enjoyed this balancing act is not. Because without a new agreement, the bilateral approach threatens to erode slowly. But worse still, The SP degenerates, of all things, in the Europe question to stirrup holder of the SVP.

EU friends such as national councillor Tim Guldimann (68) see in Galladés party in exchange for a welcome Wake-up call wants. “The withdrawal is a positive Input for the urgently needed debate on Europe in the SP in terms of the position in relation to the framework agreement,” says the Berlin-based Ex-Ambassador, the entrance fee for the agreement.

The SP-initiated with their stresses, negative attitude to the agreement, a process of Erosion, analyzed, another SP-politician who asked not to be named. It is the loss of those voters threatening, for the good relations with the EU Central.

minimum-wage SP-Yes?

It is an open secret that the SP is trying to find the Rank of the framework agreement towards a Yes. You are gambling with high stakes, and do not need to inside beat, politically, but more than a Zückerchen out to lose in the change of Opinion the face. “We are in principle for a framework agreement, if we find the protection of Wages is a good solution,” says SP-national councillor Fabian Molina (28, ZH). “The crucial question is, what is the compensation we have measures in return for EU-required Changes

He also called a example, which the Federal Council could be the SP well into the boat: “It takes more and more industries, with minimum wages or even a nationwide minimum wage.”