At the annual General meeting of the dairy processor’s high-village to the displeasure of the shareholders has provided for a change in the Board of Directors. The candidate of the opposition, shareholders were able to prevail in the elections for the Board of Directors (BOD) all along the line.

The former Chairman of the Board Daniel Suter did not obtain a majority and was voted out of office. New Bernhard Merki takes over the Bureau, how high the village was confirmed in the night on Saturday in a media release.

The shareholders had voted in favour of the most part, for a renewal of the Board of Directors, it was said. The newly elected Board of Directors President Bernhard Merki thanked at the conclusion of the meeting, in the name of the newly assembled Board of Directors for the trust and confidence of the shareholders: “Now is the time to lead the village again in the future and to set the right impulses for the strategic and operational management. I am delighted to take on this task as a representative of all shareholders”, was Merki quoted.

No dividends

the composition of the Board of Directors of the major shareholder ZMP-Invest was able to prevail with its three candidates, Jörg Riboni, Markus Bühlmann and Bernhard Merki, and also the candidate of the shareholder group White/Maurer, Markus Kalberer, was elected. Thus, the panel is now a majority of new appointments.

again, the previous Board members Michiel de Ruiter, Walter Locher and Ulrike Sailer were elected.

in other important votes the proposals of the Board of Directors failed. The dividend proposal of the Board of Directors a dividend of 4 francs per share, which was rejected. In addition, the shareholders voted against the discharge of the members of the Board of Directors as well as against the discharge of the Executive Board.

At the annual General meeting 320, shareholders representing 79.8 per cent of the voting Shares. (SDA)