CDU leader Friedrich Merz has accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz of leadership weakness after a year of traffic light government. Even Gerhard Schröder would have achieved more as Chancellor than Scholz.

“Through what he himself called the turning point, the Federal Chancellor would have had a great opportunity to achieve much more in our country. He didn’t use this opportunity,” Merz told the Rheinische Post. “Other Chancellors before Scholz were braver and more hands-on. Even Gerhard Schroeder. I’m just reminding you of his Agenda 2010 labor market reforms.” Former Chancellor Schröder had been attacked from all sides in recent months because of his closeness to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, and the SPD is still discussing his possible expulsion.

“We are still governed below value. The coalition argues too much and spends too little time getting a turn for the better in economic and energy policy,” said Merz. In school one would say that the government “made a good effort”. CSU regional group chief Alexander Dobrindt had recently attested the traffic light “a smooth 5”. According to Merz, the government’s greatest weakness “is currently economic policy”. According to his conviction, the CDU will establish itself in surveys with more than 30 percent. “The parliamentary group is running, the party is working intensively on its content-related realignment.”

The red-yellow-green government started work almost a year ago with the motto “dare more progress”. Scholz took his oath of office as chancellor on December 8th.