The Marakana is a Patchwork. The dressing rooms are, therefore, not in the actual stadium in the stomach, but in a building outside. And so the players have to when they come out of the cabin, through an endless two-piece Tunnel. It is the most difficult hundred steps in the life of a footballer.

First, you go infinitely down, directly under the “Delije”, the Daredevil, the Ultras of red star hot. And then, before it would go to the stadium, don’t turn to the left into a smaller Tunnel with stairs was built in, so you end up as a player of the visiting team directly in the maw of the”Delije”, if you come out of the Tunnel. You will enter the Arena at the end of the track, so in a certain safety distance to the Hardcore Fans.

“YB has the whole stadium against”

is this feeling? Goran Obradovic, the former Servette and Sion-Star, knows it well. He played a lot of Derby with Partizan Belgrade at the Marakana against red star. The Serb, who has mutated to the Swiss and today in Sion, lives, told: “It is of course a difference whether you come as the players of YB from this Tunnel or in the Dress of Partizan. In the case of the Derby, half of the stadium for you. In the case of YB, you have the whole stadium against you.”

the Gang is Intimidating? “It is mainly the length of the tunnel, which increases the pressure on a player with every step. Because the heart you think you are almost in the pants. The feel, the player of red star. The gives you wings. But once you’re in, is that after a few minutes of the game gone.”

Only the Skull is still there

the length of The Ganges is unchanged. The intimidating graffiti on the wall, however, are gone. It’s all white’s have been glossed over. No red color anymore, which was smeared on the walls to imitate blood. Only the large Skull and crossbones emblazoned directly at the first exit from the Tunnel. Only this is the place where the players turn to the left in the second, smaller Tunnel.

the intimidation potential is lower than in the past. Anyway, Obradovic believes in a good Chance for YB: “The pressure is much stronger on the hosts. After the 2:2 in Bern every Fan of red star, as well as the media expected, without exception, the qualification. The players feel on the field is tremendous. This goes so far that you run pointless wandering around in the stuff.” Plus point is YB so. But, warns the former smart playmaker: “red star is dead-strong when it comes to keep a result. The will do the devil and attack. No, defending a this 2:2 with man and mouse. Which is why it is for YB enormously difficult it will be.”

To sayings coach Gerry Seoane and Michel Aebischer (photo) were not embarrassed at the official media conference in the “modern press centre of Serbia,” (O-Ton red star). Here is a selection.

Aebischer to the question, what is Miralem Sulejmani (he is from Belgrade, the Red.) the Team of Serbia and red star have told? Aebischer: “If I’m honest … nothing!” Again, Fribourg, this time on the question of whether it is intimidating to enter the belly of the Marakana stadium. Answer: “No. Of course, we have heard a lot. But we are here in order to focus on football, and not to analyze the stadium.”

Since it is not liked inferior Seoane. On the question of a Serbian colleague, whether he’s afraid to lose, as in 2004, with 0:3 or to suffer even greater debacle? “Little Research in the history!”

The Ref today will be very important. His name is Anthony Taylor and comes from England. Every effort has been made to allow the red star, is the best possible preparation. The set for last weekend was postponed championship game because of today’s Matches.

for the First time in the history of the VAR comes in a Serbian stadium to the application. In the domestic League, there is no VAR to expensive. In the case of YB Martins Pereira is more than questionable. The final training is the only preparation is barely enough to play from the beginning. The same is true for Sulejmani.