The touch of key 6 Super5 Gut4 Genügend3 Schwach2 Very schwach1 useless David von ballmoos, Note 4

Looks 1:1 “dumb”, but has no Chance. The 1:0 with a wide Ball.

Jordan Lotomba, Note 3

Inconspicuous area. But all of the dangerous actions caused on his side.

Fabian Lustenberger, Note 4

the 1:2 close. Saved for the beaten Of the ball of moss on the line.

Cedric Zesiger, Note 2

Technically, this level of overwhelmed. Dreadful loss of the ball in front of the 1:2.

Ulisses Garcia, grade 4

a Lot of pressure from the left. But lost its namesake in the 1:2 from the eyes.

Vincent Sierro, Note 3

he hardly saw. Not back in shape after his injury. Holzte Marin low.

Chris Martin, Note 4

Won many battles. Grows slowly in the Sanogo roll in. Top Degree.

Michel Aebischer, Note 4

a Lot of Punch to the front. Great Shot. But lost in the 1:1, the header against Degenek.

Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu, Note 4

Wirblig, always playable. One or the other good edge. Took out the Penalty to 2:2.

Jean-Pierre nsame power, touch 4

the 1:0. Actually, strong appearance, is wrong but at 1:1 on the line cruel.

Roger Assalé, Note 4

Bay early 1:0. Prepares a Top-Chance. Must be in the 64. Minute the 2:2 make!

Christian Fassnacht, Note 4

again, one or the other good edge. Can be in the return game is very important.

Saidy Janko, Note 4

fits okay into the YB-structure. But not too many accents gambling.

Guillaume Hoarau, touch 5

Sunk the Penalty with the first touch of the ball. Has two more chances.