“The Special One”, José Mourinho, feels, once again, unfairly treated. The Portuguese shoots after the Champions League semi-final in the TV channel “beIN Sports” against Liverpool-Coach Jürgen Klopp.

“If Jürgen is three and a half years at the club, and absolutely nothing wins, he has shut nevertheless, the trust and the possibility of more.” This he did not know at the time of his last club. Recently Mourinho was involved in Manchester United, where he was in December 2018, dismissed. Among other things, with the club’s management in relation to the transfer policy be in disagreement as a reason.

Klopp, however, may be the Team itself: “Looking at the team, with the help of Liverpool at the time. How many of them were there before Jürgen arrived?”

The Portuguese added: “In this season, but still have the great opportunity to win for the first time, a trophy.” However, Liverpool is in the championship two games before the break, one point behind Manchester City in the Champions League after the first leg (0:3 against Barcelona) close to the Out.

“… and then he has simply obliged Ederson”

only Klopp is not the way to get at Mourinho’s attacks on the TV station to be fat. Also Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, as Klopp privileges enjoyed, which were denied: “As Pep was, with four defensive players has he brought in the same summer, four new that he liked. As he had bought a Keeper Claudio Bravo, and is not happy with him, he obliged in the next season simply Ederson.”

The Portuguese’t protest even always, that he got his wish of players at Manchester United. However, he won with a Paul Pogba (105 million Euro), Romelu Lukaku (84,7), Nemanja Matic (44,7), Alexis Sanchez (34), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (42) and Eric Bailly (38) similar to the expensive players, like Klopp and Guardiola. (rwe)