Paris’ chaotic Champions League final will have an aftermath – that’s for sure. The British government will see to that. The kick-off time was pushed back by a good half hour. But it’s always the other person’s fault.

Investigation called for: After the chaos before the Champions League final on Saturday in Paris, the British government called on the European football union Uefa to conduct an official investigation into the events. “It is in everyone’s interest to understand what happened and learn the lessons from it,” said Culture and Sport Minister Nadine Dorries in a statement released on Sunday.

what went wrong In cooperation with the police authorities involved and the employees in the stadium, Uefa must find out what went wrong and why. The recordings of the Saturday night scenes are “very concerning,” Dorries said. The police in Paris registered 105 arrests and 238 injuries around the final between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid.

One-sided representation? Uefa explained the chaos by the high number of fans without valid tickets. The turnstiles at the entrance for Liverpool fans were blocked because thousands of supporters with fake tickets could not go through them. The police used tear gas. Fan representatives criticized a one-sided representation of Uefa.

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