A point to the debut of the new Wil-Trainer Ciriaco Sforza (49)! In Swabia, the home team Manuel Sutter (50’s.). Ivan Audino but can compensate for only nine minutes later, and his new Coach, so make a point to Start to give.

A point gained or two? You can see from the point of view of FC Aarau. After a fast 2:0 lead for Kriens by Dzonlagic (7.) and Siegrist (29.,Pen.) a Doublette of the break from substitute Goran Karanovics (46 helps./67.,Pen.) the Aarauern at least to a draw. In the battle for the Barrage, however, this point is too little for Aarau because Winti is passing thanks to a victory in Schaffhausen at the FCA.

Winti is back to square 3! Away in Schaffhausen there for Winterthur, a 3:1 victory thanks to goals from Sliskovic (29.,Pen.), Alves (82.) and Seferi (90.+2). The temporary connection for the home team Cicek (84.).

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