Sporty Schaffhausen stands in front of the big autumn Highlight: a home game against GC. Against the Relegated won the FCS already in the Letzigrund. The Yakin Team creates at home in front of 3000 to 4000 Fans to the Coup?

in addition to the square, there are no Highlights. Since the club of a Posse stumbles to the next. Also the trouble between club boss Roland Small and the previous owners, the Fontana family rages on. Long after the lawyers have taken over. It comes to the controversial end of the cooperation, mutual accusations, and totally different interpretations of the contract content. But not only, as a glance at further focal points shows:

the threat of stadium-AG-Konkurs

You have to know that there are two joint-stock companies. The stadium AG and FCS AG. Roland Klein is the owner of all the shares of the FCS AG, but he refuses to take on as planned, also a majority of the shares of the Stadion AG of the Fontana’s and a new Board of Directors.

there are different views between the Small and the family of the deceased Patron Aniello Fontana (†71). From Klein’s point of view, the AG is not like in the deal of debt, according to the Ex-owners but very comfortable. If no new Board is determined, it comes to the formal bankruptcy. Small take the and the Alienating small shareholders in buying and would like to handle from now on, all transactions on its FCS AG.

However, According to the Sunday views-the information is a contract clause that ties the two companies together does not exist. In the Form that the FCS AG must anyway assume all of the liabilities of the Stadion AG and have no separate liabilities. Klein: “This is a matter for the lawyers. I continue to hope for a solution. But the FCS with the whole sporting area can easily exist without the stadium AG.”

club in Banner scandal involved?

Three FCS Fans have conceded a two-year stadium ban after they unfurled in may at the game in Winterthur is a sexist Banner. But in the case of the Prosecutor of the case is not completed. Explosive: To VIEW information of the son* of a FCS officials to justice should be a visor advised to have the scandal played a role. The official says: “My son was like many other Fans of the game, but uninvolved. He was questioned by the police, never.”

fuss about the stadium name

Since opening in 2017, the stadium Lipo-Park is. Since last summer, but no more, although the FCS uses the designation. The new leadership is the old is the debt, on the expiration of Lipo to be a contract-to-late warning. But Lipo is still willing to talk about an extension. After a Meeting, the FCS-page only Francesco Ciringione appeared – Yakin-buddy without the official FCS-Job, but there was months-long radio silence from the club page. Small: “If Lipo is still interested, we like it to be.”

Convicted part-time managing Director

Since July, Boris Jaeggi, FCS-managing Director. In addition, the Basel is also still in the publishing of Ciringione active. The man with no football experience, but with two Jobs is apparently only sporadically in Schaffhausen on-site. The FCS doesn’t need a full-time Director? Klein: “Maybe in the future. But at the moment, we are very glad to have his help.” Jaeggi has an illustrious past: In the 90s, the Federal court upheld a fine against him because of his involvement in illegal pyramid schemes.

(* Name known to the editors)

The Muddling must stop

It is Touching, if seasoned football sizes, such as Murat and Hakan Yakin on a percussion concert at the Schaffhausen stadium beer pouring and carrying boxes. The Yakin’s full commitment to the club.

But the Episode shows just how hand it is to knit in the FCS after the Takeover by Roland Klein-and-forth goes. Much of it sounds improvised, from the organization chart to the stadium-Catering to club communication. The hefty allegations against the previous owner of the Fontana family, and a non-transparent personnel policy.

managing Director Boris Jaeggi has a second Job in Basel. Publisher Francesco Ciringione has no mandate to “borrow” but Jaeggi, the FCS, and
sponsors wound up meeting in the name of the club. Head of sports, should really be the coach, Murat Yakin, but he is opposed to this designation.

Who makes the club what and why? Everything is a little unclear. It seems then, muddling. Small and Yakin are competing for the FCS with the intent to professionalize the club and to him, from a family business to a modern club. It is so far very little to show for.

That must change as quickly as possible. Because, otherwise, would have Small to the rescue of the clubs also remain the same can.

Matthias Dubach