the President of the national organization of Danish day-care centres, Pallet Woss Pedersen, can well understand, if there are concerned educators out in the Danish home.

Worried that the after easter again to be at work and thus are exposed to increased coronasmitte.

It was clear, as the prime minister Mette Frederiksen on Monday evening at a news conference in the prime minister’s office told that the day care centers and 0. – 5. class in the country schools open up again after easter.

“It must be done in order to ensure better working conditions for parents at home,” said among other the prime minister.

Mette Frederiksen said at the same time, that she may well understand, if there are educators and school teachers at home, who are worried that they will from next week be out in society again, where the risk of infection, all else being equal is greater than hjemmematriklen.

At Pallet Woss Pedersen, who is president of the national organization of Danish day-care centres, is the concern shared.

he Also stresses that many educators right now are sitting and are worried that they will be exposed to increased infection.

“It is clear that there are several who will be worried, for it means that there will be a higher risk of infection. But now we need to talk with them and follow the recommendations that come from the authorities,” he says, and continues:

“We believe that the authorities say is right, and therefore we hope also that we can advise them in the best way possible,” says Palle Woss Pedersen.

the Children must keep the distance

One of the things that Mette Frederiksen stressed in his speech on Monday night, was the importance of children in day-care institutions in the coming time to keep the distance.

“There must be more distance between the children within. More needs to be done clean,” said Mette Frederiksen.

The guidelines were also some of them, such as Pallet Woss Pedersen noted.

“You have to take precautions and make sure, as the Prime minister says that there is a distance between the children, so as to minimise the risk of infection.”

Now it’s some time ago, that Mette Frederiksen has had small children, and maybe it sounds a little as though she has forgotten how it works. But how do you get a bunch of kindergarten students to keep distance?

“I think all our educators know what the Prime minister mean when she says it here. In all day care centers, you can take the kids outside, do outdoor activities or split them up into smaller groups out there. I am confident enough to go,” says Palle Woss Pedersen.

the Opening of day-care centres and school for the youngest children open the 15. april. In this case, therefore, as one of the first in a gradual and controlled re-opening of the society.