Since June, the former Germania is flying as the Chair of the Airlines in the air. The new name of the passengers may have become accustomed to. Now you need to adjust but again to change. The young airline, it fits the autumn back again of your route network.

white As the specialized portal “Aviation Net Online,” says Chair of the Airlines by 30. October the compound according to Larnaca, on the island of Cyprus. The distance from Zurich to Palma de Mallorca is set a day later. The already painted destinations in Agadir (Morocco) and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) not the Airline flies to continue.

a Lot of patience needed

the coming of spring emerges a new route in the flight plan. Chair Airlines flies from the beginning of April 2020 Times per week from Verona (Italy) to Pristina (Kosovo). There will be a chart connection. For Swiss passengers, this should be interesting – the Italian airport but a bit far from the Swiss border.

In the spring of this year, the Swiss airline whirled once the flight plan confused. The Problem: Instead of the planned four planes they had only three machines available. Today’s remained in these three planes.

After some of the routes were in the short term, deleted, annoyed many customers. They had booked their flights already and then had to wait a long time in some cases, the repayment of the ticket cost. At the end of July, a customer was upset on Facebook, as his post shows. “It’s been two months, and I’m still waiting on you to reimburse me for the flight that you have cancelled.” He had been assured that he will get the money. But he got nothing. “This is completely unacceptable”, he annoys himself.

it Remains to be hoped that the new Route deletions, no other customers are affected, and have already bought a Ticket.

Polish participation

After the collapse of the Berlin Airline Germania the Swiss subsidiary Germania flight AG was in the hands of the Swiss businesswoman Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi, who runs the travel Agency Air Prishtina. Shortly thereafter, she was separated already from 49.9 percent of its shares in the airline.

The Polish Charter airline Enter Air took over these shares. The remaining 50.1 percent stay at the Swiss Albex Aviation Ibrahimi-Salahi. For how long is unclear. For Enter Air holds the right to a majority stake. So, maybe this Chair is soon no Swiss Airline more. (jfr)