Specifically, the indictment states that Kucharski, who used to be a professional footballer himself, repeatedly threatened the Bayern star and his wife from September 2019 to September 2020 to make “information about their alleged tax irregularities” public if the captain the Polish national team did not pay him 20 million euros hush money.

According to the public prosecutor’s office quoted by PAP, Kucharski is said to have threatened criminal charges against Lewandowski and his wife. He is said to have warned that criminal proceedings against the two would seriously damage their public image. In August and September 2020, the ex-manager is said to have passed on confidential tax information about Lewandowski to a foreign journalist. In doing so, he violated his duty of confidentiality, since he was only able to obtain this information because of his work for Lewandowski.

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Specifically, it should have been about copied details of advertising contracts. In addition, Kucharski is said to have sent the journalist copies of Lewandowski’s and his wife’s tax returns. The police confiscated the suspect’s computer and secured e-mails that prove this, the prosecutor said. This made it possible to prove that the ex-manager had attempted blackmail, although the journalist had refused to testify to the judiciary, citing the protection of sources.

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