73rd session of the 20th German Bundestag, item 27 on the agenda: At 11.30 p.m., the compatibility of family and career is to be discussed. The program includes the “second and third consultation of the draft law submitted by the Federal Government for the further implementation of the directive of the European Parliament and the Council of June 20, 2019 on the compatibility of work and private life for parents and caring relatives”.

Many members of parliament fail to understand that shortly before midnight, of all things, family policy is to be made. “This time ensures that those affected cannot participate,” said MP Katrin Staffler, who has been the mother of a son since January 2022, of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Accordingly, the CSU politicians did not manage to take part in the meeting, although it was politically concerned with family policy. Anton Hofreiter from the Greens, father of a son since 2021, spoke of a “certain satirical quality”.

The Ministry of Economics is planning relief for tenants, companies and numerous other institutions in the billions due to the increased energy prices.

The war and high inflation have meant that the situation of the refugees has been lost sight of. But the numbers are increasing enormously. A report from three regions where the situation is getting worse. Are we facing or already in a new refugee crisis?

In German children’s hospitals, real dramas are apparently taking place these days, as reported by FOCUS online readers. Nurse Ricardo Lange is appalled and says: “It can’t go on like this”.

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