Cepstral Moscow: the dead in Kommunarka the patient is not sick with coronavirus

the Department of health of Moscow said that the deceased in the medical center in Kommunarka patient coronavirus was not.

Earlier in the media appeared information that the newly opened hospital complex in Kommunarka the patient died of the coronavirus.

“we Stress that have been performed laboratory studies on the coronavirus, the results are negative”, – reported in Department. They added that 75-year-old patient admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital in a critical condition by ambulance with respiratory failure. In the car began its intensive care unit, she continued in the hospital in the intensive care unit and intensive care. But 40 minutes later after admission to hospital the patient died.

Photo: Svetlana Mayorova/TASS In the suburbs of coronavirus has introduced the mode of increased readiness

the results of the autopsy showed that death was caused by hemorrhages in the adrenal glands against the progression of chronic diseases, including pancreatic cancer and hepatitis.

In the lungs of the patient revealed no pathological changes. Conducted research on coronavirus infection are negative.