The separation was by mutual agreement, such as the Rigi Railways said on Friday. About the departure procedures not be disclosed. In order for Otz from now on his future professional future could align, have you decided to end the employment relationship properly and him of his duties.

Board of Directors President Karl Bucher said at the request of the news Agency Keystone SDA, Executive Committee and Board of Directors would not have found the management and understanding of the role, this was seen in multiple sessions. There is too much energy in internal operations invested at the expense of promoting the company.

I have played in The decision to no role in the criticism of the Expansion of the railway, which came up recently with an Online Petition. Otz had stood behind the planned projects. Also, the process of a Charter to the rules with the involvement of multiple stakeholders, the development of the Rigi, by 2030, binding was not compromised by the departure, as here, the Board of Directors was involved.

Otz had been prior to his Engagement with the Rigi Railways Director of Interlaken tourism. He made a great contribution to develop the Rigi-Railways of a track of a tourism company, attested to him, Bucher. Ad interim, the Deputy Director Marcel Waldis now takes over the operational management on the Rigi Railways.

The company achieved in the fiscal year of 2018, a record result. It transported 14 percent more passengers than in 2017, has made eight percent more sales and increased profit to the same extent. The Rigi Railways started well into 2019 and experienced the best February of all time.

The company intends to invest the money strong. In Vitznau will be realized until may 2020 for 6 million Swiss francs in a new service centre. For 38 million francs new trains will be procured. Finally, the Rigi Bahnen AG is obliged to replace the aerial cable car from Weggis LU to Rigi Kaltbad. The planned gondola lift is expected to cost 17 to 20 million Swiss francs, is found in environmental circles, but also with criticism. (SDA)