That is a good start (laughs). I already have a very interesting Job that fulfills me greatly.

Something that is at least as interesting as my current Job, I hope.

The most Important thing is that we improve ourselves more and this transaction well on the stage. Then we will see what comes up.

Definitely. Sunrise buys the strongest fiber-optic cable network in Switzerland. We cover 80% of Switzerland, have 1.1 million customers, the most advanced TV platform, to grow in the business customer segment and offer a future-proof network that can soon transfer to ten gigabits per second.

to comment on, is at Sunrise.

Everyone deals with change differently, whether at work or in Private. The people feel the change, at the same time, they show a lot of Initiative and Motivation. We are with various measures for our employees and maintain an open dialogue.

not at All. Our staff turnover is normal.

Here is our Turnaround Plan comes into play: in 2019, we are investing heavily. By 2020, we want to grow again. We are already seeing the first successes.

We improve ourselves. We have cut in half the losses compared to the previous year. In terms of sales was March the best month of the last two years. This will be seen in the coming quarterly numbers.

it is Important that he is there! Of course, we would be able to keep these people prefer. But we have been working on our growth plan. Our TV platform is at the users very well. Before that, we have launched the channel MySports. Customers who have MySports, jump less often. The channel is young, but already well-established.

I beg to differ. Our station MySports One can receive all our digital customers. There’s some good Content on it, including Bundesliga and ice hockey. And our Paid-Content offerings is used by a large number of Users.

we do not disclose. But, that we exist only for one and a half years, I’m happy. You see: Only 20 per cent of all TV viewers are willing to pay at all for sports. If you want to so, is Sport in itself is a niche product.

This is so. But we want to simplify now radical. Our goal is to provide more value for the users generate. We want you to have all of the best possible product. Therefore, we start in June with our “customer-Harmonisation programme”.

When we improve our products – for example, faster Internet or a better TV-Box, we have new customers in their sights. But also our existing users should benefit. As many customers as possible to get the new TV Box and faster Internet. The project will take twelve to 18 months.

We will contact a large number of customers, but in different ways. We would like to inform you that you can get faster Internet and we will send you the new TV Box.

Many get more performance for the same price. Who receives a higher price, you can come back, except for the dates of the contract.

For the most change in terms of value for nothing. About one percent have to pay more but also get more power. We want to offer a good deal and make sure that for all Fairness.

A concrete number we can call. But by the end of 2019, more than half of the customers to have our latest product. This is a massive investment in our customers.

primarily intended for the benefit of our users. But also for our Sales and Support Team, the life will be much easier. You do not need to be familiar with Thousands of different Offers.

We want to digitize our business. This simplifies the dialogue with the customer. But with such a complex product catalog such as ours is difficult.

you can not attend, but on working time.

I’m on 14. June on-the-go. But I support the concern of total. Switzerland is making progress. But nine per cent women at management level? The Switzerland can be better.

UPC pays men and women equal, that’s for sure. At the Management level, we have 30 percent women. At each renewal I want a woman on the Shortlist at least. We grant also 17 weeks maternity and two weeks paternity leave at 100 percent pay. For Swiss conditions, so we are well on the way. But it’s not just the promotion of women.

To diversity. Each Team must consist of people with different backgrounds and experiences. I compare it with Handball, because I’ve played the earlier intensive. Since it needs the Goalie, the big Central player, the wing player.

circle runner.

Since last September, Severina Pascu (46), CEO of UPC, Switzerland, a subsidiary of British Liberty Global. Previously, the Romanian-born Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the case of UPC Central Europe. This means that she was responsible for Marketing and sale in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Luxembourg. The studied economist is married and has two children.