CEO Gabriel Lima is leaving Cruzeiro Club
Gabriel Lima, a key figure at Cruzeiro since the start of the Football Anonymous Society in 2022, is leaving the club. The CEO had his stay assured, but chose to depart from Toca da Raposa, along with other executives who were part of Ronaldo Fenômeno’s management team.

Cruzeiro has been undergoing a transformation since the SAF was sold to businessman Pedro Lourenço on April 29. During the press conference introducing the new board, Gabriel stated that he would continue to manage the Minas Gerais team.

However, his departure will occur once the transition of management is complete. This information was initially disclosed by journalist Jorge Nicola and confirmed by No Ataque.

The change in leadership has not yet been confirmed by Cruzeiro. The announcement will be formalized only at the official end of the CEO’s tenure.

Gabriel Lima’s Arrival at Cruzeiro
Gabriel arrived at Cruzeiro alongside Ronaldo in December 2021. Just a few days before the end of the year, the former striker revealed that he would buy 90% of the shares of the newly created celestial SAF.

Gabriel’s role has always been behind the scenes and without direct involvement in football. Some of his duties included overseeing Cruzeiro’s judicial recovery, managing accounts, and handling the club’s relationship with entities and Mineirão.

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