Central house of workers of arts celebrates its anniversary

everything Began in the distant 1930. The initiator was the people’s Commissar of education Anatoly Lunacharsky. Then on the opening of a Club of art masters in a small room in Staropimenovskiy lane was present theatrical and artistic color capital: Vasili Kachalov and Olga Knipper-Chekhova, Leonid Sobinov, and many others. It was there February 25, Vladimir Mayakovsky a few months before tragic death read his poem “In a loud voice” that has the famous words:

and I would
songs on you
it is profitable
and now.
But I
own song.

Only in 1938 of the arts has found its permanent home and its current name, moved to a mansion on Cannon, 9. Money for repairs was donated by workers in the arts. At the same time determined the main tasks of the organization: on the one hand, creative dialogue art, empowering, enriching each; display of new plays, concerts, movies, creative reports, the evening masters of art and creative youth, search and bold experiment, high leisure. With other educational activities: promotion of the arts, joining him as a greater number of people. Lectures and universities culture, travel, concert brigades across the country from the Black sea to Kamchatka.

the Special role the arts played during the great Patriotic war, becoming the only one in Moscow creative house, which has ceased its work during the war. There he set up an exhibition of posters and sketches, created a hospital concert Department. The artists performed in the chambers in front of the wounded. Artists managed to collect the two million rubles to the aid Fund for children affected by war.

arts is an important place for many prominent artists. Here took place the evening of Ivan Kozlovsky, Solomon Mikhoels, Leonid Utesov. The House guests were and foreign stars: Louis Aragon, Marcel Marceau, van Cliburn. Many recognized artists, artnicknames of the musicians started their creative path. Among them, Ilya Glazunov, Oleg Yankovsky, Alexander Filippenko.

in addition, the House of artists hosted the first screening of the cult film by Tengiz Abuladze “Repentance.” Despite the change of times, of the arts does not lose enthusiasm. His concert venues are the famous performers, artists, Directors, musicians, bards, composers, journalists and writers, gather artists and sculptors — all those for whom creativity and leisure are inseparable.