According to the head of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina, the data cover approximately 35.5 thousand people.

Central election Commission of Belarus announced the preliminary data from all closed polling stations. According to the head of the CEC Lidziya Yarmoshyna, Alexander Lukashenko, gaining 81,35% of the vote. Second place goes to Svetlana Tikhanovski, which gave their votes 8% of voters. And the candidate “against all” received 4% of votes. Such data has sounded on air of TV channel “Belarus-1”.

Yarmoshyna explained that the data relate to all closed areas and cover approximately 35.5 thousand people. And these data are very revealing because they relate to all segments of the population.

Sunday, August 9, Belarus held presidential elections. To 20.00 local time, the citizens could Express their opinions and to take part in the vote. In the previously cited exit poll data, incumbent head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko won 79.7% of the votes.

In total, there were openly 5767 plots, of which 44 were organized in the embassies and General consulates of Belarus in 36 countries. Also you can vote in closed polling stations that were opened in military units, hospitals, rest homes and other organizations.