the Central Bank recommended to continue to restructure the loans of such citizens through the banking programs, as well as do not assign fines and penalties on restructured loans. This measure will help borrowers to restore their solvency in conditions when October 1 and will stop accepting applications on suspension of payments under the law on credit holidays (mortgage borrowers will be able to suspend payments according to the law on mortgage holidays). Banks usually offer several options for the terms of the restructuring.

the Bank of Russia recommended to the creditors until the end of the year not to foreclose on the pledged housing and to suspend the forced eviction of the debtors property, in which recovery was paid previously. All this also applies to citizens who can document the loss of income or the fact that they had coronavirus infection.

Creditors and the credit Bureau, the Bank of Russia has proposed not to take into account in the models to assess borrowers restructuring conducted in accordance with these recommendations.

at the same time, the Bank of Russia took additional pressure on banks ‘ capital from the debt restructuring.