this was told by Deputy Director of information security Department of the Bank of Russia Artem Sychev in the “far Eastern media summit”. Since the beginning of the pandemic, according to him, the activity of telephone scams has increased four times.

In General, the fraudsters use about 20 schemes for the withdrawal of money from accounts of citizens. Despite their increased activity, the damage is comparable with the figures for the previous year (with the growth of cashless transactions). For the six months malefactors made 165 thousand unauthorized transactions and could bring 1.5 billion rubles., said Sychev. Most victims are people from 30 to 45 years – actively working and making good money. Less attention they are paying to older people – for them it is a lower margin segment. Average check theft intruders from the accounts of physical persons – 10 thousand.

Sychev noted that most scammers are exploiting either people’s fears of losing their money or their desire for a quick and easy enrichment and always insist that the victim acted “here and now”, not giving her time to recover and gather information.