the first Few in the “celebrity Big Brother”: “Köln 50667”-asterisk Janine Pink (32) and Ex-“Love Island”-a candidate for Tobi Wegner (26). Two weeks ago, you geturtelt, cuddled and kissed. However, the relationship is supposed to be a lie.

The Daniela B. (27) claims: The insurance clerk from Bergisch Gladbach says that Tobi was in front of “celebrity Big Brother” even a Single as he said it in the TV Show. According to his own statement he had been five months since a Date.

He is supposed to Daniela for three months

dated, Allegedly, he and Daniela had B. had, prior to his entry into the TV-prison affair, after they had met in the beer king in Mallorca. In the “image” represents the third-placed now in the pillory: “We have met the last three months before the Show, again and again, even were on holiday together. A few days before his Start on “celebrity Big Brother” was he still with me and sent me directly to a message that he does no crap and I should not make.”

“picture” is even supposed to be his voice message. Daniela B. but not sure what that was between her and Tobi, because she says: “I don’t know if we were together. We haven’t discussed it so clearly. But for me it was clear: This is Serious. He told me that, too.” This is the opinion of Tobi does not share, apparently, because he lets his lawyer that the accusations were without substance and your statements are not true.

Janine is not interested in Tobi’s past,

And what of Janine Pink says of the accusations? “What was before “celebrity Big Brother” doesn’t interest me in the case. I had a life in front of Tobi. What is important is that we are now very happy together.”

Happy the two seem to be definitely. Tobi posts already fell in love with the images on Instagram.

And also his grandma he wants to introduce Janine. Janine’s some, he has convinced already. He has baked for the Finale of “celebrity Big Brother”, namely a Chocolate. (bsn)