the tent instead of the Container. The participants of this year’s “celebrity Big Brother” season will not have a solid roof more than the head, but at the invitation of satellite 1 on a campground stay. On this there are two great pitched tents, the shower is outdoor, and the bathroom not very inviting.

After all, you will get a basic equipment, which consists of a Iso-Mat and a towel. In the last few years, these things had to be selected themselves. One or the other missed this thanks to the also a choice of luxury item.

New rule for the Challenges

Even with the Challenges, there is a new feature. Up to now, the so-called Stars have always played against each other. In this season you will be playing for the first time against “Big Brother”. This opponent is probably a lot tougher than the Stars themselves. You may be curious as to how you beat.

of Course, the residents have the rules of Camp. “Big Brother” places a high value on neatness and guarding the fire place. The Sleep of the day is prohibited. In the case of failure to respect the inhabitants will be punished. (bsn)