“celebrity Big Brother” has overdone it this Time with his Challenge. Moderator Jochen Schropp (40) announced at the Explain of the game, that the residents would be in this challenge your limits and move beyond them. He proved to be right.

In the game, it was called “Team camp” against “Team camp”. With the camp singer Joey Heindle (26), and Ex-Webcam Girl Ginger Costello wollersheim (33). From the luxury camp pop star Almklausi (50) and Playboy Model Sylvia Leifheit (43) entered. The game: a muddy obstacle course.

In the first round Joey against Almklausi entered. While Joey ran for his life, looked at Almklausi all a bit sluggish. So sluggish, that he was overtaken in the second round of Ginger. Then the shock: Almklausi tipped over suddenly. Jochen offered him a water, but then had to let a medic to come and took him, finally.

attack of weakness with a suspected concussion

The Moderator tried to give the all-clear and claimed it was only to attack a weakness, and that he had simply eaten too little and drunk. However, Almklausi remained over half an hour gone. Later, it was announced that he has to stay overnight for observation in the hospital. According To “Sat.1” had the pop star in a bout of weakness with a suspected mild concussion. At the end of the shipment was informed that he could be on Wednesday again.

two of the campers had to the TV-jail

leave the Challenge, it was again time for the nomination. Due to a “Surplus” could only be women nominated. At the end, Ginger had to leave, the Madam of a brothel-vulture Bert wollersheim (68), the Camp. By the way, because the pregnancy test was negative. But “Big Brother” was particularly nasty and wanted to see a second residents go. First of all, the “big brother” was, but each of the candidates in a Video-cut, who had blasphemed in the past few days about him. The biggest slanderer, Youtuber Chris (32), was exposed. The consequence: He has been nominated and the viewers voted him out. (bsn)