Here, give fodboldekspert on Eurosport and columnist on B. T. Sport, Morten Bruun its bid on, who’s doing it well, and who should pull themselves together.

Even in these sad times, there must also occasionally be positive, and in the context, it might be appropriate to highlight a Danish landsholdsmålmand, showing the community spirit by sharing the money out to the corona-affected older people.

And so we must of course also back to the bad news – and here is a club in the royal, which has come up with a strange proposal, which smells of, that they shown most of all will cater to themselves.

You get the Celebrity barometer:

Kasper Schmeichel has not only the format of the machine on the finish line. With its donation of 20,000 pounds for Age UK to ældreorganisationens fight against coronaviruses have an international goalkeeper also shown its willingness to take the lead outside of the track.

Well, maybe if the amount is a small percentage of man’s total assets, but it doesn’t alter the fact that the signal is fine. And in the current situation makes it definitely not something that comes public about both his gesture and the amount donated.

Normally I am not so fond of, that charity should in the newspaper, but in the current situation it is the right thing to do. The unspoken greeting from Schmeichel to colleagues is that “it also would dress you, others to get on the field”.

It is not unnatural that the Danish clubs make out their thoughts on the current situation. It is also not unexpected that the different positions are aligned really well with the clubs position in the league.

Anyway I was shaking on the head, when I saw hobro town proposal for 15 teams in next season’s Superliga. Instead of the best League in the 2020/21 would consist of the planned 12 teams, thought kronjyderne suddenly, to the “least unfair” would be to suspend all relegation and let førerholdet in the second row and moving up.

In this space I have no options to go into the details of the impossible in the proposal, but it smells simply too much of that nedrykningstruede Hobro, first and foremost, ensure that the address itself.