There are two …

On Wednesday evening, delivery to the satellite.1-Reality Show “celebrities under the palm trees”. Ten German celebrities can be observed in a luxury Villa in Phuket with 60 cameras – the winner of 100 000 euros and a Golden coconut wave.

the feeder of the first celebrities created a charged atmosphere – in all respects! For the erotic component of Ronald Schill (61 seemed, however, to even “judge Merciless”) is to feel responsible. As he met Desirée Nick (63), Na fell in a seductive whisper, and greeted them: “we will have a lot of fun, you …”

the Ex-TV-Couple Tobi (l.) and Janine (right) welcomes Than themselves, is Ronald still quite tame next to Desirée, photo: Sat.1

As Claudia Obert (58) entered the Villa, proposed to his Casanova heart a few beats faster: “Claudia doesn’t fit in my prey schema. But I think it’s great that she wants to live out sexually!“

And thus he prepared the viewers in a friendly a little way out, what they expected in the next two hours. Carina Spack (23) as a precaution, at a distance: “looks like a lecher!”