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start of “celebrities under the palm trees, of all things,” on Wednesday evening: ten VIPs in a Villa in Thailand Phuket – and a refined satellite.1-Team up with a devilish Plan.

Because the station brought together the Ex-couple, Tobias Wegener (26), and Janine Pink (32) in this same Villa again! Since only the two Ex did not love big eyes.

embarrassment and external shame in a Very behavior of Tobi and Janine welcome here with your first photo: a satellite meeting.1

▶︎ Tobi the encounter struck his Exes heavily on the stomach. He sat then crushed on the beach, looked thoughtfully into the distance.

And while the is overwhelmed, senses the other is his big Chance. Clearly a case for Superman(n) Bastian Yotta (43)!

has Finally played to the Level of “love, marriage and relationship” several times. He knows exactly where the Hammer hangs – he thinks, anyway.

And so went the Yotta to comfort Tobi. Muckimann 1 squatted down next to Muckimann 2: “head high that is already. Don’t be sad!“ Wow – what a great words …

Tobias Wegener had to nibble hard on the reunion with his Ex Janine Pink photo: SAT.1/Richard Hübner, According to Janine Pink your Tobi broke all evil is the heart of photo: SAT.1/Richard Hübner

but let the head continue to hang: “It is difficult here to be with a Person that was Recently, still together, even in the tightest of spaces! In the end, it is just nice to each other.“

Immediately protective instincts were coming in Bastian: “The Tobi is such a good guy, a former roofer who slipped back into the Showbiz in there and still can’t understand. That’s what makes him just so adorable!“

And so the lessons began in five lessons. Similarities with “Star Wars” or “Game of Thrones” are purely coincidental.

Tobi Wegener (l.) and Bastian Yotta in the first Challenge – here they came up against each other anFoto: SAT.1/Richard Hübner

lesson 1: women are very emotional!

Tobias plunged deeper and deeper into the past: “But what was I supposed to Janine because fool? Should I get the clouds from the sky?“

Bastian is apparently not only a relationship coach but also a language teacher. To him the clouds is striking: “? That is to say: ‘the stars from the sky to get.’ Yes, you, the clouds got her from heaven brought – and they expected to see the stars. Women are very emotional.“

lesson 2: women are fire-breathing dragons!

Tobi whined further: “Janine accused me that I was on your Fame and your money! She has a fierce shot against me, right under the belt line. Even your followers have threatened me on Instagram! What did I do to you? I haven’t cheated, not cheated, not defeated …”

here, Too, was able to calm down uncle Yotta with his wisdom: “You’ve broken her heart. Since women are sometimes like a small dragon, you have to see them. Believe me, you’re young, it’s still more women, fire-breathing dragons will come into your life.“

With women knows Bastian Yotta well: He had some – for example, his Ex Maria foto: Ralf Guenther

lesson 3: women can destroy an Empire!

the significance of his words once again, to emphasise, is “the Miracle Morning”-a man Bastian and then again in the Pathos-box.

He teaches: “A woman and a war can destroy an Empire! Women can develop brute forces. But it is just like a Thunderstorm, it’s over!“

lesson 4: fight for your Empire!

Mr Yotta was no longer to brake, and extended the fist in the night sky. Because here it was, finally, a Mission!

Bastian reflects: “Tobi, you’re a captain and need to concentrate on your important tasks. You need to now there for your Team and the Cup to bring home!“