VIEW columnist Patrizia Laeri (41)

“I’m going to participate in the strike. Crucial economic reasons. Today will be at a disadvantage in our country systematically, the participants of the competition – and that is women. To this end, Switzerland is criticized every year by international organisations such as the OECD. And in the famous Glass-Ceiling Index by the Economist, which measures how difficult it is to make it as a woman’s career, we occupy regularly the last places, along with the Turkey. My Motivation to participate, are a number of system error. In the case of the control, the keyword marriage penalty. In the case of non-existing parents time to cost or pressure of work to make many of the heads of any women, because they and not the men are missing, if they are parents. The most expensive care system in the world. And in the case of the missing days of school structures and wage inequality. Switzerland is economically misogynist incentives. It cannot be stressed enough.”

Flavia water fall (40)

“Because the day-care centre supervisor assumes more responsibility, but 3x less deserving than the asset managers.”

“My Motto is always: equal rights, has no upper limit. Just because it has become a little better, it still isn’t good enough. It has, for example, still too few women in political Offices, too few women in key positions of the society, too few visible female role models. Basically I believe that If a woman is discriminated against, are discriminated against all women. It is also a question of solidarity. I think, in modern Switzerland, it would have to be more flexible working models. For women and for men. The compatibility of family and profession would be easier. Block times or days, schools would need to be taken for granted. I wish that every woman must decide for yourself, what is the role of distribution for you is true. And this decision should not depend on the (lack of) conditions.”

Nold (56), Director Santésuisse

“I wish I had more place of residence, affordable day schools for women to get work and family under a hat, and thus a better chance in the work world.”

“I 50 percent call women in all leadership positions.”

Burri (41)

“to talk Publicly about issues such as sexual Assault in the workplace, and wage inequality, is of great importance. The more this is done, the more it goes into the heads of the people. Together we are stronger. Our claim to equal rights for men and women must address every Single one of us on a daily basis and self-aware transport. Then we can move a lot.”

editor Katharina Locher (33)

“I personally believe that as Long as women in Switzerland to experience wage discrimination, and men get at the birth of their child, by law, only a day off, is not achieved equality yet. I am surprised that there is still an unexplained wage difference of 7.4 percent between woman and man. This must change. I have today off anyway and are going to attend the rally in solidarity with the Affected. My employer is thankfully better, with much lower wage differences and a paternity leave of ten days.”

Corboz (46), Head of SBB-daughter Stations

“I am for flexible working(time)models for women and men, so that my daughter does not have to fight in ten years for the same subject.”

“I will. in the Ratspause with the strike of the women speak to the Federal court, and me politically for equality use This is mainly because men like SVP national councillor Andreas Glarner may not get a hearing more.”

“The woman strike is absolutely necessary. We live in a world in which Patriarchal core values are still deeply rooted and our time together will be fundamentally determined. In politics and business, women have to put their femininity and male rules of the adjust, in order to be successful. The biggest fashion designers are men, which determine what should be the female figure ideal. Women would have a say in this any more, it would look certainly diverse.”

Wildbolz (38)

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“I’m going to the women’s strike, because the in the Federal Constitution enshrined equality between women and men is still not implemented, but the same rejected position to complain to 76 percent. Almost 8 percent of the wage difference cannot be objectively explained. Women’s specific concerns will be forgotten in the policy, ignored, or ignored because women are over-represented in the policy. We women do a weekly 31 hours of unpaid Care work, the pension is between a man and a woman is therefore unequal. There is no adequate child care for Shift workers, the care offers are inflexible and force you to tell women their place. Out of solidarity, I’m on strike with all the women skin because of their sexuality, Pass, color, or disability be discriminated against: I call for the equality of all people!”

Lüthi (45)

“I’m going to participate in the strike. This is a day to consider what you can contribute to the change. In everyday life the role model is important to me. I want to demonstrate to young women that you can achieve in the profession, much, if you have the guts and want to. I want the environment to be better, to make it easier for women with children, re-entry, and a career. In Switzerland, childcare is too expensive, there are too few nursery places and on the days schools are missing. From Asia, I know the different: Is the provision of care, the reconciliation of work and family easier. But it is not enough to complain about the conditions. It needs women who want to make a career, the desire to shape and to lead, even if it is sometimes hard when you rubs me the wrong way, the teeth ausbeisst. Many women take themselves out of the race, as soon as they become mothers. Cause we can only do something if we are many. The only way we can change the rules of the game. It’s not worth it to give up. Our daughters need role models.”

“I’m on strike, so that women earn for work of equal value finally all the same.”

“I think it is good that equality of rights and equality to be addressed, because unfortunately there are still a lot of development potential in terms of respect and salary payments. Also in the established art environment, women still have it harder than men, and as soon as you have children, gone are the women quickly from the art market.”

Seraina Rohrer (41)

“More women in Film! Directing much more often to men, and funding flow of the majority in the projects of men. Moreover, female characters only in the movies simplified are Stereotypes, such as the caring mother or the fiery lover. As a result, actors have a less exciting role offers, and these are then filled with very young Actresses. In the case of a pregnancy, the actor can’t work, and your income will break away. This must change. For all these reasons, the Solothurn film festival have signed a Memorandum of understanding, with the aim to make films from women in the program more visible. This has also made the Federal government in promoting to the task: For inputs of the same quality female candidates are preferred inside. With success: in 2018, 46 percent of the funding went for the first time in the area of Film to women. The shows, printing, and a debate will help, and all of a sudden it can sometimes go surprisingly quickly!”