She is one of the most well-known and fixed faces on the TV 2 News.

But for the last six years, Cecilie Beck been on reduced time. The she says in an interview with Billed-Bladet.

It is something she herself has chosen, and the decision she has taken because she right now would like to have more time with his daughter Frida, who is 18 years of age.

“My youngest daughter is a student here for the summer and don’t live at home very long yet, so I have made it a priority to go 20 percent down in time to have some more evenings at home with her,” says Cecilie Beck and continues:

“It is now, I must do it, for just about a little is the nest empty,” says TV 2-the host, enjoy the last months with company in the apartment at Vesterbro, copenhagen.

Cecilie Beck the age of 50 years to October, and in addition to his daughter Frida, she has also Astrid of 22 years.

Both of the daughters she has been with eksmanden Carsten Lassen.

She has in previous interviews told how she gets a part available. And even though some of them are cute, she fits also on themselves.

“I have actually not so easy to be in love, which probably is a way to protect myself. It is just not something to go and fall in love with all sorts. I have girlfriends who suffer from chronic unhappy forelskelser. The kind I have checked me out, for it is draining,” she told to Her World in the september of last year.

In June 2019, she told the in addition, on the day when she no longer had to live with his daughters.

One day, she didn’t exactly looked forward to, because it is a big change.

“Before long there will be again a new transition, when they move. A new phase, where I need to find out where I should do all the caring I have in me. It goes and I work a lot with, for the care which must be transformed into another energy. The transition to the phase as a mother with for children is not necessarily easy,” she said in June last year.