The incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is leading in the presidential election by coming from the fields of data, the first results of the nationwide possible to 02:00. This was stated on Monday, the Chairman of the Central election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina.

According to her, in the Brest region on the voting results reported in the four districts, for Lukashenko voice gave 79,69%, for Tikhanovski – 3,8%; in the Gomel region – four districts, for Lukashenko 90% of the Tikhanovski – 3,2%; in Grodno region – eight districts, for Lukashenko and 92.7%, Tikhanovski – 3,89; in Mogilev region – four districts, for Lukashenko to 93.8%, and second place went to the candidate "against all" and 3.3%.

"I expect that to two o’clock in the morning we will have preliminary results in the country," she added.