CDU Vice Carsten Linnemann has confirmed that the Union will block the planned citizens’ allowance in the Bundesrat if nothing changes in the draft law. The fact that there were no sanctions against recipients of the citizen’s allowance would reduce the incentive to take up work, according to the accusation from the Union parties.

Carsten Linnemann, Vice-Chairman of the CDU, has intensified the Union’s threat to boycott the planned citizens’ allowance in the Bundesrat. Linnemann told the news portal “t-online”: “If nothing changes in the draft law, the Union-led countries in the Bundesrat will not agree. And that’s right.” Linnemann is particularly bothered by the fact that there should be fewer sanctions.

Politicians from the CDU and CSU criticize that the extensive waiver of sanctions against recipients reduces the incentive to take up work. They also consider the planned protective assets to be too high. In the first 24 months, it should be 60,000 euros for the actual beneficiary and 30,000 euros for each additional member of the benefit community.

The traffic light coalition has signaled willingness to compromise in the dispute with the Union over citizen income. SPD leader Saskia Esken related this to “detailed questions” on Monday and rejected fundamental changes to the government plans for the replacement of Hartz IV. The Union reiterated its criticism of the planned easing of sanctions for job seekers and the amount of the planned protective assets.

The CDU politician also responded to criticism from SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert: “I think the SPD divides society. The saleswoman at the checkout will no longer see why she should help finance the welfare state if nothing more is required of the beneficiary.” Kühnert had previously told the “Tagesspiegel” about the criticism from the Union: “The SPD will not allow working people The low-income are being pitted against the unemployed, and trying to pit these groups against each other is shameless.” He emphasizes: “Agenda 2010 is de facto hanging on the hook! This is no small matter, the government is going to the foundations of the social market economy.”