Murat Yakin to re-educate? With 44? How gaga is this idea? And how reliable is it?

Now, it is of course completely untrustworthy. CC is Yakin who has disappointed him so badly and he is accused of treason, never to the side of the line.

But CC does not want to pay the Million, due to Yakin in the next two seasons of the contract. Which is why he apply the same knitting pattern attempts, such as in the case of Maurizio Jacobacci: He does not dismiss the coach, but makes him free to temporarily send him in the holidays. In Jacobacci wars a weekend. In Yakin, there are four games.

In this time, he disavowed the coach. Jacobacci he threw that Video together sections not published. Yakin, he blames lack of work ethic and tall tales. And he gives him a “re-education”. In Jacobacci, the dismissal followed after the leave of absence. Which is why he forced the Bernese to the aisle in front of court to get the unpaid wages. A this, of course, will win. But it is a tedious.

What follows in the case of Yakin? Well possible that it is the same scenario, so a dismissal. And then a legal spat also follows here.

CC fails to recognize only one thing: That he gallops in the Super League as a wisp of Cowboy a coach after the other be used, and from failure to failure, he attributed for the most part myself. He had promised Jacobacci a defense chief and a successor to Matheus Cunha. He has promised to Yakin. Happened up to now. Responsible for: Constantin sen. and Jun., And infrastructure and personnel structure are at FC Sion in such a short sleeves and amateurish that, as a Trainer, can come, who wants to: He will sooner or later fail. Usually earlier. As Yakin.