CBA reported a record growth of premiums for voluntary health insurance

the contributions in this segment increased by 19% to 180,8 billion. The number of contracts increased by 38.5% to 17.1 million.

Photo: iStock In some cases, the mortgage borrower will be able to refuse insurance

faster growth has contributed to the change of its structure – the classic LCA “all risk” gives way to more available programs with a truncated set of services, the authors of the review.

the Demand for new products present not only large companies but also small and medium enterprises, who previously could rarely afford to purchase the full package of services on voluntary medical insurance for employees. In addition, insurers are actively bringing to market products that are of interest not only to corporate clients but also individuals: a critical illness insurance program, involving annual medical exams (cecap health) and including optionally these additional options in corporate programs, including through co-financing the payment of the cost by the employees.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti MPs suggested that the protection against unfair insurers

as a result, the proportion of individuals in the contributions of DMS reached 19.9% (+3.9 p. p. per year) and the number of contracts increased by 38.1 per cent, the report says.

Further work of the market participants for the development of LCA could become a long term source of growth of the Russian insurance market, according to the Central Bank. The rapid development of technology, development of new insurance programs (including extension programs are available to elderlys people with chronic diseases) with protection from different types of risks and the increase in life expectancy can support this market segment