CB: Russian banks badly informed clients about the risks of cybercrime

Russian banks in 2019 is not treated properly to inform customers about the risks of cybercrime, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

last year saw an “explosion” of fraud based on social engineering, said Nabiullina. “This reflects the fact that many citizens lacked sufficient knowledge and financial organizations do not feel their responsibility to properly inform the consumer”, — said the head of the Central Bank, reports TASS.

the Central Bank at the end of 2019 adopted the first strategic three-year plan on information security — “the Main directions of development of information security in credit-financial sphere to 2019-2021 years.”. The key objectives of the plan is the development of “cyberculture” and information support of consumers.

the security of storing personal data of Russians — one of the biggest challenges, said Nabiullina. The problem of social engineering wouldn’t have been so big, if financial and other organisations better protect personal data of the Russians, concluded the head of the Central Bank.