CB explained the limitations of the ATMs in the recycling

It is imperative to break the vicious cycle of cash in such ATMs: receiving banknotes from a single client and the issuance of these banknotes of another without processing in the Bank. The Bank of Russia recommended before delivery to the customers cash or load them in ATMs and terminals to withstand banknotes for at least three to four days – this period is the lifetime of the coronavirus on paper, including the notes.

Photo: Konstantin Michalczewski/RIA Novosti the Bank of Russia reminded about preventive measures when paying in cash

Traditional ATM’s, working only on the results or only accept cash (about 75% of all ATM network), recommendations do not affect the stresses, the Bank of Russia.

Technically, the ATM-recycling machines can be transferred in mode is a torn of money flow, when the received money will not be transferred back to customers, and will inosservato, explains the Director of the Department acquiring Bank “Opening” Alexander Dynin. “Disable the recirculation mode does not affect the performance of the ATM – he stressed. – But changing the mode of operation will require significant time and will create an additional burden on cash collection services and cash counting”.