Russia and Turkey lead the diplomatic dialogue on several pressing issues, and can agree, despite differences. This was stated by Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“Can we negotiate with Russia, despite disagreements? If you are sincere, then the solution will be found. We started the Astana process to solve the Syrian problem, then he was joined by Iran. Are now with Russia, the diplomatic process in Libya,” — leads RIA Novosti his words on air of TV channel CNN Turk.

Cavusoglu noted that in the absence of agreements on some issues should not “break off relations in other areas.”

“We are members of NATO, support Russia in the Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia… But we are acting openly, not behind my back. And if the opposite side is also behaving sincerely, then we can negotiate. And we agree with the Russians on many topics,” — said the Turkish Minister.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of foreign Affairs and defence of Russia and Turkey continue to work in support of the Libyan settlement, and the date of the meeting of the heads of agencies of both sides to be agreed upon.