Until a few weeks ago, hardly anyone took outside the Swiss borders the notice of Mauro Caviezel. However, in these days of constant Grisons in the Val Gardena is part of the floor in the international media, in addition to Aksel Lund Svindal and Beat Feuz to the most sought-after conversation partners.

The Italians, the Norwegians and the Austrians – all expect from the 30-Year-old a handy explanation for the three podiums he has scored in the first four world Cup races this season.

in addition to its Ski coaches, his service man and his Manual therapists highlights Caviezel in Interviews, like his fitness coach Thomas Jäger: “Tom has already coached my big youth-Idol Silvano Beltrametti. For me, he is trainers something like the MacGyver of the terms. Similar to the TV secret agent Tom for our training courses is always unusual, but very effective methods come to mind.” An example: a hunter is considered to be the inventor of strength training on the Gym-Ball.

Alpine-holds MacGyver Caviezel fit

in addition to Mauro also his brother Gino (26) and Beaver-Creek-sensational husband, Thomas Tumler (26) in an old factory hall in Chur, the industrial zone of the Alpine-MacGyver loops. “Third, the cruelty endured easier than alone. We carry in each unit, a Challenge to each other, each of us wants to be at the game to warm up the Best. As a result, we are provoking us in a positive way to peak performance,” says Caviezel.

Swiss-Ski-men-in-chief Tom Stauffer confirmed: “Mauro belongs physically to the strongest athletes in the world Cup circus.”

And because he travels really good Ski, Caviezel currently, as the first Ski-comrade since Didier Cuche of 2010, the total standings in the Super-G. Therefore, he should wear today in Val Gardena for the first time, the red Leader number. “Winning the Super-G-ball-I don’t think, finally, we have contested in this discipline, only two of the seven races. But after the many injuries I have suffered in the last few years, the red race number for me, still a nice confirmation. It shows me that I am on the right path.”

in The Super-G in Lake Louise was the winner of the world championship combined Bronze, the third, in Beaver Creek, the Second. Therefore, Martin and first world Cup victory today would be on the Saslong actually just the logical consequence.