It is very regrettable that this happened, and far from something we want to happen. It is a clear sign that there is no simple solution to drug a polar bear and transport it away from human settlement.

It says Morten Wedege, miljøvernsjef from the Governor of Svalbard the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

Miljøvernsjef Morten Wedege from the Governor.

Photo: Anne Lognvik

Wedege shows that there are several factors that come into play when it comes to isbjørnbinnas deaths. Among other things, have light – and weather conditions, something to say, as well as the safety of the personnel on the transport.

– It is plunged into darkness around the clock in January of Svalbard. Very often, it is wind and blowing snow in addition to the dark, and it makes it hard to see well, and have control on where the bear is to a each time.

Was young and fresh

It was at the end of January, the Governor received a message that it was observed the polar bears at Hotellneset.

Since the area is located near the settlement of Longyearbyen on the Svalbard selected the Governor to take action. A helicopter was used to push the polar bear away from the site, and of Adventfjorden.

Isbjørnbinna did not scare, and it was determined that the animal should be anaesthetized and fly to kinnvika date on Nordaustlandet.

During the voyage died the two-year-old polar bear, and the autopsy report from the national veterinary institute show that it died of stress, long-term hunting and bedøving.

the Bear was first jagd over time by helicopter and snowmobile, before it after a short break were immobilized from the helicopter. It didn’t run away from the helicopter to a younger bear normally would. It may indicate that the bear has been subjected to hunting all over for a long time and/or under high speed in the context of what it can withstand.

Jon Aars, isbjørnforsker at the Norwegian polar institute

the Polar bear was, according to the report, fresh, and without signs of other disease or injury. Forced to suffer had no signs of avmagring. Therefore, there was no sykdomsrelatert cause of death.

Want to avoid more deaths

Isbjørnforsker Jon Aars at the Norwegian polar institute indicates in the report that it is very important to find a good balance between a required speed to get the bear away from people, as well as what is best for the bears health.

Jon Aars, isbjørnforsker at the Norwegian polar institute

Photo: Mattias Høyem / NRK

– Since the polar bear is well insulated, they are sensitive to be jagd so that they have to run or go faster over longer periods of time than what is natural.

the Residents in Longyearbyen, and several times had visits from polar bears. A polar bear had to be euthanized as it would not chase away.

On the basis of several cases, the Norwegian polar institute and the Governor now have to go through the routines of hunting and bedøving of polar bears in order to avoid several cases with fatal outcomes.

Miljøvernsjef Wedege say that they have learned a lot from the event.

We must avoid to implement bedøving of a polar bear, a short time after the bear has been hunted. A consequence may be that we don’t get bedøvd polar bears, but try to have control on it. Maybe it needs to rest for a while before being sedated.