Cathy Hummels (31) is a presenter, Model, wife of football Star Mats (30) and Influencerin. Over half a Million Followers keep track of the life of the mother of the little Ludis (1). And Hummels know how to make this reach to money. Always paid Posts on your profile, the Influencerin advertises for toothpaste, Costumes and Beauty products.

What is “T-Online”, but is now revealed to have, is not likely to look to their Partner-brands at all. Because of the Social Media expert, Hans Eggert is compared to the Online magazine, sure: a Lot of Likes on Hummels’ profile are not real. Together with his Partner, Claus-Georg Matusche, the entrepreneur developed a program that can be used to the Profiles and interactions of the Influencer on a new way to investigate.

“signs of Manipulation we have seen is the case with some, but none that are so unique or similar to the Account of the woman’s Hummels,” says Eggert. The entrepreneur is confident: “We estimate that since the beginning of may, a minimum of 200’000 Likes on photos by Cathy Hummels have been purchased.”

“Wild” Like curve –

This should show the Like curve at the Influencerin. Most of the other Instagram-Stars to be “boring”. In the minutes after Posting fast the Like number of typically strong to the top, then pool the increase in available gradually. In the case of Hummels, however, the course was “wild”, some time after the release of fast the Like number of jump is similar to the above. Other experts respond in a similar manner. “The curve is not highly unusual, the authentic Likes,” says Robert Levenhagen, the founder of the Cologne company InfluencerDB.

lawyer rejects allegations

The lawyer of Cathy Hummels rejects the accusations: “Mrs. Hummels disclaims, to have self-Instagram-Likes bought.” Why the Like-looking curve of his client as “wild”, can’t declare Christian-Oliver Moser, however. The lawyer speculated, however, that it could be the Unknown, who want to damage the Influencerin: “It can, of course, acquire every for just a few euros any number of Likes on any Posts.”

Also, Hummels has since been reported to the word. In an Instagram Post, the game woman fights. “Unfortunately, I’m not going to faced in recent weeks with headlines that correspond to the truth,” writes Hummel. “I should have bought 200’000 Likes? Isn’t that a bit much, a bit too flashy? I would say: Yes, that’s it, and here someone is trying to me again to be aware of the damage.” The Influencerin is “authenticity” the most Important thing.

by the Way: In February 2019 had to fight back Hummels in court against accusations, to have surreptitious advertising companies. There she was acquitted. (klm)