Catching debtors for communal will be the number of their car

Experts do not exclude that the new product will be liked in other regions. Especially because many of them have similar digital systems.

the First new product will be tested Samara energy. “Mobile traffic police officer” is to recognize numbers of cars and immediately pursue reconciliation with the database of debtors.

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS the Ministry proposes a special procedure for debt recovery of rent

“Now in the database of malicious defaulters “mobile police officer” already loaded data 180 motorists – inhabitants of Samara with the greatest amount of overdue debt for heat. In the case of cars of debtors in the Parking lots of shopping centers property will be confiscated by the bailiffs,” said sales Director of Samara branch of JSC “Energosbyt Plus” Yury Ryabov.

And in Togliatti energy, together with the bailiffs go in raids during which they confiscated the cars of debtors for heat and appliances. The other day was seized a car Lada Vesta is a resident of the city, which paid for hot water and heating for nearly two years and has accumulated almost 70 thousand rubles debt. The vehicle was taken to the impound company. Part of the woman debts already paid, and when you give a residue, the car is returned to her.

today, the population of the Samara region owed to the guaranteeing supplier of heat 1.2 billion rubles. The record holder for the debts of a resident of the regional capital – has accumulated 577 thousand rubles debt. As it turns out, debtors to catch the “hand” on the car number (which leads to the arrest of the machine) can be much more effective than filing lawsuits in court.

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