The Swiss animal tracker company Petpointer is broke. Cat owners fear for their Pets. Many concerned animal acts. VIEW spoke with the seller inside of Qualipet, Meiko to the Bowl. Which manufacturer product do you recommend as a replacement for the Tracking of a quadruped? In most cases, the brand fell Tractive. The company has a cat collar with GPS in the offer. This Tracker is widely used in Switzerland. Exact Figures on the market, however, there is no.

On the Online marketplaces, Galaxus, micro spot, and Brack is part of the Tractive-Tracker to the Standard range. Cost: around 60 francs. This monthly subscription-cost-single-digit Frank field for the constant phone – or Computer-location of the four-legged friend, via the SIM card.

No SIM card, no mobile phone contract

In the case of brackish is also a cat GPS Tracker is available that is neither a SIM card nor a mobile phone contract needs. “The device uses Low-Power networks (LPN), other trackers of autonomy and efficiency,” writes the manufacturer Invoxia. A three-year subscription in the price of 149 Swiss francs included. The LPN-cover by Swisscom to be high, insured brackish.

A disadvantage of GPS trackers without a SIM card is the small range of around 5 kilometers, reports, holder of four-legged friends in the animal forums. The monthly subscription cost.

high-end Tracker with low radiation

There is also a Swiss provider that promises an easy tracking of the pet. There is a Swisscom. With the Tracker Trax 4G, customers can accompany their pet on walks, it says on the Website. Action price of the tracker: 99 francs (plus mtl. Subscription fee).

the company Pettracer. Sold it to an “ultra-light” GPS collar for CHF 200 (excl. monthly subscription costs 6 francs). This Tracker is radio Transmission without mobile and instead uses approximately 100 times weaker radio signals – such as baby-phone. A Peilsuchfunktion allows the Tracking of a quadruped, when it Signal there is no GPS, the cat is sitting for example in a basement.

What all the experts – in addition to the good location, this is a sticking point: the battery. How long does the battery last?

A longer period of time those devices that activate the GPS only when the animal is moving. And by radio to send and not permanently on GSM reception. That’s why you should check before buying, and compare how long the battery lasts and how often this needs to be charged.