Superficial satisfaction. But behind the Scenes there is turmoil in the FDP: The Trouble about the role of the private Federal Council in the Department of allocation is large. Ignazio Cassis (57) did not in fact only prevents the newly-elected Karin Keller-Sutter (54) can take the Department of Economic Affairs. But also to ensure that the SVP has to take more responsibility in their core dossier.

Cassis met Parmelins desire

The Federal Council shall have offered to the exchange – consent to the defense Minister, Guy Parmelin (59) the Department of justice and police (FDJP), such as the “Aargauer Zeitung” writes. After a consultation with the SVP-tip Parmelin rejected this offer, apparently. Cassis wanted to comply with the request of the SVP-colleagues, you mean it.

Now they can force the two SP-members of the Viola Amherd (56) and Keller-Sutter Parmelin still, the SVP assumes more responsibility in your core dossier, Migration,. But Keller-Sutter wanted to risk a quarrel with Cassis – and thus their desire for the Department of Economic Affairs in the rear, as the newspaper reported.

FDPler: “Cassis has failed”

The dissatisfaction in the FDP is that the economy and finances are in the hands of the SVP. Councillor Andrea Caroni (38) criticized indirectly to his members: “Parmelin would at least have allowed the Department does not deny – at least, the SVP would then need to in your core dossier Migration responsibility.” The Federal Council would have been in detention may require Parmelin, that he needed to stay until the next castling in VBS – “quasi, up the power for a change is sufficient,” says Caroni.

Behind his Hand to other FDPler be more specific. “Cassis has failed,” says one. The foreign Minister would be based too heavily on the SVP, alleges a other: for More angry FDP-politicians do not want to speak according to the “AZ” at all, but refer directly to SP-President Christian Levrat (48).

Gössi pushes blame the SP

He’s ironically become the voice for the FDP-internal review: “Cassis made it alone, against own party and against Karin Keller-Sutter”, said Levrat. He never thought that Cassis was so dependent on the SVP, “that he does, even the interests of the FDP in the back” – and referred to the Ticino, even as a third-party SVP Federal Council.

The FDP-tip is talking about the departmental distribution of beautiful and pushes the buck for the loss of the economic Department of the SP: “The SP had it in Hand, the Department of distribution is different. Simonetta Sommaruga had not moved, would be the Department of Economic Affairs, now at the FDP, and the infrastructure Department in the case of the CVP,” said President Petra Gössi (42). (duc)